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Wherever we go, and whatever we are going through, we have inner resources to tap into. We also have tools at our disposal to navigate change. Resources and Tools are part of ‘The Wheel’ model developed by Debra Bryson and myself for the expatriate community of Bangkok, Thailand.

Coaching with this model supports you in welcoming the opportunities that change and transition bring into your life. We decide on specific topics and goals together; and, as your coach, I guide you to creatively bridge change.

We can dialogue by phone, skype, zoom, and/or email. Please contact me for information about specific options and scheduling.     



Yoga provides a practice to shift patterns of tension and stress, align intention with action, integrate emotion, restore balance, and redistribute vital energy as you move.

My approach to yoga is health building, based in SynergyYoga developed by Charmaine Lee, RPP. Hatha Yoga postures combine with energy principles of the five elements: ether, air, fire, water, earth. Movement flow and expression allow for unification and ease of transition for a balanced practice.

Classes at Foundation Fitness of Cleveland Park, corporate sites, Take Five Meditation, and private sessions in the Washington, DC area. 

 Moving Overseas  • Repatriating  • Life Transition


​​Charise M Hog​e