"The poems in Striking Light from Ashes burn into the mind and soul. From current events to fairy tales, Hoge's poems play with form and content in a way that salvages light from near darkness."

~ Robert Lee Brewer, author of Solving the World's Problems and editor of Poet's Market

"There is an abundance of self-help books on the market, but this unique workbook gets you to sit down and take on the task of putting your sense of "self" back where it needs to be when coping with a new and different environment. This book is not just about coping with change, but how to get back that person (yourself) you feel you may have lost in the move."

~ Donna Ayerst
former Family Liaison Office (FLO) Publications Coordinator, U.S. Department of State

The chapbook Striking Light from Ashes (Finishing Line Press, July 2017) is a collection of poems that speak of the audacity and gracefulness of the human spirit. The cover art is by Rahela Majidi.

"Along with the grace of your poems, there’s a kick—they are “harmoniously salty.” Your work is a many-splendored pleasure to read." 

~ Angela Ball, poet and professor at the University of Southern Mississippi



Mix and Moss Poetry is an independent venture for publishing poetry via author blog. Writing prompts from The American Scholar and Writer's Digest are sources of inspiration, as well as the wilderland of my muse. 


Meet Your Muse: Kindle Your Creativity is devoted to promoting creativity. Co-founded with artist and coach Kate Kroska, we offer themes, stories, and prompts to fire up your creative flow.



A Portable Identity is an interactive book filled with powerful exercises, essential information, personal stories, and a practical, easy-to use model to assist accompanying spouses to take charge of the changes associated with an international relocation. This valuable expatriate resource can be utilized at any stage of the move – from pre-departure to arrival, while living overseas, and during repatriation – to ensure a successful transition.



Charise M Hog​e